How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction by Working out and Eating Right

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Using Your Diet to Cure Male Impotence

The best way to boost circulation is with your diet. A professional personal trainer has said, “If you want to lose body fat, it will take a 75% commitment of dieting and a 25% commitment of exercise.” When it comes to boosting circulation and curing an erectile dysfunction, your diet is the most important component.

7 Ways to Cure Erectile Dysfunction with Nutrition

1. Drink plenty of water. It is very important and there are infinite benefits to drinking plenty of water, like flushing cholesterol and plaque out of your body. By drinking at least 10-12 cups of water per day, you will be able to boost your circulation in just days.

2. You can also flush cholesterol and plaque out of your body with your diet. By eating water soluble dietary fiber, you will naturally be able to boost circulation as well. It’s recommend to eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

3. Eat the right kind of fats. Fats found in animals based products such as – red meats, pork diary, egg yolks, and so on. These tend to clog arteries because they contain cholesterol. Although eating the right fats like nuts and avocados is a great way to get the healthy fats your body needs. If you love meat, you should substitute red meats for low fat meats like chicken, turkey and fish and the whites of eggs.

4. Meal size is very important to get food into your body and get it out easier. You should be eating small meals that are the size of your fist. Make sure to eat at least 5-6 of these small meals a day.

5. A great rule of thumb would be to eat your bigger meals early in the day. Intercourse usually happens at night, so smaller meals at the end of the day are critical. This will allow ample blood flow for the evening hours, and not for digesting your food.

6. A good multi-vitamin is also a great place to begin. ED sufferers have been found to be vitamin deficient in a few areas. Find a good quality multi-vitamin and remember to take it every day.

7. Watch your carbs. Carbohydrates are known to store fat in your body and also turn into sugar. Both can be problematic for your impotence problem. So, look for whole grains with high dietary fiber content, read the labels. For example, a slice of bread with 4 grams of dietary fiber is a lot better than a slice of bread with 1 gram of dietary fiber.

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