What an Aviation Lawyer Does When There Are No Airplane Accidents

Aviation attorneys are basically single-handedly responsible for the laws and standards that govern the skies, as well as the aircraft that occupy them. Many would think that aviation lawyers would primarily be involved in accidents that occur involving commercial airlines. Well, there has been a decrease in commercial airplane related deaths and aviation law is as busy as ever.

So what do these lawyers do all day?

Laws that govern people with two feet on the ground came about due to court cases that mandated a law needed to be put in place. Aviation law is similar. Complaints about airlines, flights and the general way airlines are run can end up in court. When a certain amount of similar cases make it in to the court system, a red flag goes up that something may need to be changed about the system. Creating these new laws to take care of the new problems takes up a lot of time. The people who mandate the new laws are aviation lawyers.

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Thanks to aviation law, there are certain standards all airlines must meet. This includes things such as lighted aisles, standard safety instructions and flotation devices. Aviation lawyers are also responsible for setting limits on how old an aircraft can be as well as the maintenance services that must be performed daily, weekly and monthly on each aircraft. All of these regulations work together to keep passengers safe and airplanes in the sky where they belong.

Certainly, if there ever is a commercial airline crash or death related to the airplanes, the aviation lawyers take care of that too. They also prosecute or defend pilots who may have been in violation of a safety standard. Indeed, the job is much more complex than many who are outside the airline industry realize.

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