Using Criminal Records For Your Children’s Protection

When it comes to children, parents can truly never be too safe. If you are new to an area and word of mouth is not readily available to help you learn the character of a person, or if a new person moves in to the community who will have contact with your child, you may find it necessary to investigate the person slightly in order to secure your child’s safety. There are several resources to help you do this.

Childcare facilities often get a bad reputation due to negative media coverage. While it is good to know the facts and that there may be dangers involved with childcare facilities, rest assured there are also very nice daycares available.

One way to make sure your child is in good hands is to ask if the daycare does background checks on employees. If choosing an in-home daycare, research if the daycare is state licensed. Feel free to do your own criminal background check on the provider as well.

There are several websites that will aid in criminal background checks. All criminal records, unless the offender was a minor at the time, are open to the public.

There are also state by state sex offender websites that will tell you the location of sex offenders in your area, as well as the type of offense and when it happened. Be sure to understand exactly what the offense was, as some people feel that not all crimes that are currently listed as sexual offenses are truly heinous in nature.

For instance, Bob may have gotten intoxicated at a college party 15 years ago and gotten caught urinating in public. The act got him registered as a sex offender. While it is distasteful, it does not mean he is a threat to your children, particularly if he has lead a very “clean” life since then.

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