Unemployment Springs Forward

Staying busy with these unemployed times is crucial and two-fold: it fortifies your mental state and maintains your job search acumen.

Staying busy with these unemployed times is crucial and two-fold: it fortifies your mental state and maintains your job search acumen. Keeping active also makes the day pass quicker, just make sure at the end of the day you are accomplished by having lists of things to check off as you get things done.

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The first quarter of this year has been good to me. For those unemployed more than nine months (15 for me), hopefully, you are able to say things are picking up. Last year at this time was far worse than now. I have several friends who have interviews and job offers coming out of the woodwork from seemingly nowhere.

Well, maybe it’s from all the seeds we’ve planted over these many moons that are now germinating and blossoming. It takes plenty of hard work and anguish to find and create job leads; this, by far, is the biggest and badest fight I’ve had to battle in my lifetime – and I have dozens of post-war bruises to prove it but nothing comes close to what I’ve endured since my layoff. It’s been one complete personal nightmare with all the trimmings.

But Spring is here anew.

As every new day births opportunity, we need to seize it. I’ve often said to myself what would happen if I designated one single day to do nothing…no shower, no getting dressed – go on a “labor” strike for 24 hours. It seems that all the work I’ve put in of late hasn’t done much, so what’s the harm in intentionally playing hooky for a day?

You’ve gone this far with the investment kid, so as the seeds grow, if you don’t water what you’ve sowed, your garden will die. Then what! This begs the question, “Do we need to water every day?” The answer is yes as we don’t want to develop bad habits. It’s terribly easy to give up for the moment, but then all we have is one more missed opportunity. As salespeople, we’re always looking to close the deal. If you plant something and nothing grows as often seems the case, then dig up yet another trench and start over.

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This is what I’ve been advocating and precisely what I’ve practiced. Since the beginning of this year, it’s starting to pay off for me. Many prospects, interviews, and offers have come my way, but still, nothing has solidified into a signed deal. Something is always better than no activity at all, true? Take the positives out of everything for what it’s worth – especially now.

January and February sent me in one direction with hope in the air, and then March sent me in a completely different one as I continue to help my friend build out his once-thriving company allowing me no time to work on my website (can’t you tell?!). Nobody is having fun; no one is enjoying this ride. The month of April is springtime and the smell of new beginnings is crisply and palpably in the air. I can strongly sense the shift, but will it amount to anything?

This week I was called by two entertainment firms requesting interviews on the same day at the same time. These guys have had well over a year to grab me, and this is what I face? I’ll take it, gladly! Obviously, I can’t be that accommodating, so I’m meeting with them on different days; I don’t recommend interviewing with more than one company per day for many reasons.

One, traffic is a killer, second, you don’t want to feel rushed going from one to another in possibly different ends of town (thus the traffic factor) and you want to allow yourself all the time you need at one location in case last-minute meetings develop with that company.

With my luck, I’ll get one offer and have to call the other to push them along for a decision and try to keep them both afloat long enough to weigh whatever is in the balance without losing either of them. This would be a good thing; just pray you to make the right choice, eh? Well, let’s just worry about making it through next week intact and then let the spirits do their magic.

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So if you’ve read my whole ugly story, I’m sure you’ll find similarities to yours, but the main thing to remember and persevere is just that…persistence; the guts, willingness, and courage to continue the fight.

This isn’t some deadly disease, it’s unemployment…we can beat this thing, but you need to stay in the game. All this year I’ve been complimented by recruiters and HR folks on how fabulous my follow-up and follow through is. My response is always thank you, that’s what I do. You can do it too, just keep diggin’ the trenches, planting the seeds and drink plenty of water.

Again, thanks for surfing my wave!

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