Ultrasonography for Breast Cancer


Women are encouraged to get screened for breast cancer regularly by the time they hit 20 years of age. Mammography is the standard screening procedure for breast cancer. Ultrasonography, on the other hand, is used to diagnose breast cancer if indeed present.

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So if there are irregularities in the breasts detected in mammography, ultrasonography is the thing on the line. It can determine the nature of the cyst which is detected in mammography and can identify whether it is a solid mass or filled with a fluid substance. Although not an alternative for mammography, ultrasonography might be used by some groups of women who’d rather not or cannot undergo mammography.

As was said, in another post, it might be difficult to locate cysts in denser breasts. Dense breasts are commonly associated with urban dwellers. Instead of undergoing mammography, it might be better for someone with dense breasts to go straight to ultrasonography. This method is capable of spotting cysts even in dense breasts. You’ll know you have dense breasts because it would be noted in prior mammography findings.

Some women, particularly of the younger demographic (below 30 years of age) and those in the premenopausal stage, are sensitive to radiation. They would have a higher risk of incurring damage from radiation by mammography. Also, since in mammography, breasts are compressed, it might specially be painful for those with small breasts or those who are suffering from fibrocystic conditions. In this case, ultrasonography could also be used as a substitute.

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In normal and regular cases, however, mammography and ultrasonography go hand in hand to help women in their fight against breast cancer. To know if ultasonography is a better option for you rather than mammography, consult with your doctor about it and ask about the pros and cons of using ultrasonography.

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