Still Unemployed After Doing Everything You Can To Find A Job?


Keep Doing It!

If you really think you’ve done everything you can to find a job and you’re still not employed, guess what? Something is missing and there’s at least one stone waiting to be unturned. Maybe it’s time to try something different? I’m not sure, but whatever it is, what I’ve done thus far hasn’t paid off…yet. In all my post-interview follow-ups, I’ve been told it wasn’t me. They just found someone slightly better suited to the position. So how do you become the bride instead of the bridesmaid?

Well, if you’ve sent out a million resumes and you’re not getting calls or interviews, it’s clearly time to tweak your resume; find your value and accomplishment statements and put those at the top. Show employers how you can use the same tools others have but with better results. If you’re being seen by companies and reaching your target audience, it’s just a numbers game and it’s not your time.

Keep Doing It!

After loading the bases for the umpteenth time, smacking a fastball to the warning track yet again only to have the outfielder slam into the pavilion wall with the ball in his glove will at least show your opponent you mean business. If you stun the players enough to show you have meat behind your swing, they’ll weaken and eventually, you’ll succeed at hitting a grand slam. You just have to remember one thing: We must always come out of the dugout swinging consistently strong and determined but controlled. Mark your target and keep at it. You can’t make the All-Star Team by giving up.

We must keep our mental state in the game as much as we prepare physically. As sensational as our accomplishments are if the employer sees we’re not concentrating and focused, they will catch us off guard and we’ll strike out. Okay, so we’re batting against the worst losing streak of our career, but we can’t go down a loser; that’s the nastiest way to be remembered. We’re not losers; we’re simply in an ugly slump…that’s all.

Indeed, looking for a job is a terribly strenuous and gut-wrenching activity, but if we don’t do it, no one’s going to come up to the plate for us – no pinch hitters in this game. Continue attending all the job support groups for some coaching and motivation.

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It’s true…when you feel beaten down, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get back up and stand tall as best you can. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and have at it again. Yeah, it’s not the most exciting game in town, but there are plenty of players wearing the same uniform – we’re everywhere! Time to huddle together once more to map out the next play…get back in the lineup.

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