Personal Injury Claim: Know what’s at Stake

Personal Injury Clai, Know what’s at Stake

Lawrence – Is it right to make a personal injury claim? When we become injured because of someone’s negligence, equipment malfunction, or other causes apart from your own, the course of action to take is to file a claim. But many people hesitate, unsure of whether it is the right thing to do or not. Some think this might be a greedy act, taking compensation for something that was entirely unintentional.

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To help you decide whether to file a claim or not, let us try to cite an example.

What Happened

John was driving carefully along the freeway. All of a sudden, a speeding car came out of a bend. Upon realizing this, John immediately stopped his car; unfortunately, the guy driving the other car was not able to do the same. This resulted in him crashing into the front of John’s car, and both cars got severely damaged and were a total loss that the police had to take them away.

The Aftermath

John suffered certain repercussions for the accident. This is an exceptionally unfortunate experience for him because, as you well remember, it was not his fault. In spite of this, he had to deal with the following:

  1. Unable to avail of no-claims bonus
  2. Had to pay higher insurance premiums
  3. Lost insurance excess
  4. Suffered inconveniences of having no car
  5. Suffered injuries which required months of treatment

Although he tried to seek help from his own insurance company, they were not very sympathetic with his situation. They refused to return his phone calls and left his emails unanswered.

His Resolve

John decided to get help from a solicitor, who was only too eager to assist him. Although it took him sometime to decide on getting the service of a solicitor due to his worries regarding the costs and his chances of getting compensation, he finally relented.

Realizing the extent of the damage- hospital and treatment expenses and having no car, just to mention a few, it seemed only right for him to do what he could in order to be compensated for what happened.
And that was how John got his claim.

Your Decision?

While it may seem like we are only taking advantage of the situation, think about the losses you may incur after the accident. Your car could be badly damaged, and you could experience huge financial setbacks.

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If you had to be hospitalized because of injuries, do you think it is right that you have to shell out your own money for this? Certainly not! While there are a lot of bad feedback on filing personal injury claims, you should not let this affect you because property damage and physical injury are something that are never to be taken lightly.

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