Over Prescription Injuries

Over Prescription Injuries

Over the course of a lifetime, it is very common for people to come down with common illnesses or injuries that require medical attention. While some injuries and sickness can be treated at home with bed-rest and over-the-counter medication, others may be more serious or may require the assistance of medical professionals and prescription medication.

When it comes to medication, over-the-counter medicines are ones that have been approved by the Federal Drug Administration for sale without consulting a medical professional. These medicines are usually used to treat symptoms of allergies, cold and flu, or headaches and general aches and pains. They may be less potent than prescription medications and are easier to obtain in the event of minor illness or pain.

Prescription Injuries

By definition, prescription medication requires a doctor’s recommendation and written order to obtain. Only patients who have first consulted a medical professional and have been given written permission to take the medication may be allowed to buy such drugs. Such medicines usually have stronger pain-killing power or have ingredients that are not allowed for sale on the open market.

It is the responsibility of medical professionals to make sure that the proper diagnosis is given before a prescription for medication is written. Failure to accurately prescribe a drug may result in serious injury to the patient. Allergic reactions are also a serious problem when it comes to the treatment of illness with drugs, as patients may discover that they are severely allergic to certain ingredients in the medication. For this reason, doctors and physicians should be careful to check the patient’s medical records before issuing a prescription.

The over-prescription of medicines by doctors may be one of the most dangerous issues with the treatment of illness and injury. If a doctor’s instructions for taking drugs are incorrect, the patient may suffer from overdose. Overdosing on medicine can be fatal to the patient, or may cause serious injury. Such injuries may result in permanent damage to the person’s health and long term affects that may be felt for the rest of the person’s life.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of over-prescription or incorrect prescription by a medical professional, you may be eligible for compensation for medical costs, pain, suffering, and other damages. When it comes to the treatment of sickness or injury, it is important for your doctor to make the right decisions and protect you from injury.

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