Mammography and Physical Breast Examination for Breast Cancer

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Lawrence – As we all know, breast cancer is a widespread issue around the world. Among all the types there are, it is the fifth in the list of cancers as ordered by the number of deaths.

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Although as I’ve discussed before, breast cancer might run in your blood or in other words, be caused by genetics, there are ways to detect cysts during their early stages and hence prevent breast cancer in the process. The two most common techniques would be mammography and physical breast examination.

Mammography and physical breast examination go hand-in-hand. It would be breast if all women above twenty practice both on a regular basis. Mammography is the process of checking the human breasts using low-dosage X-rays.

Many women would tell you that it’s quite a painful process because the breasts are compressed so they could be X-rayed for cysts or masses thoroughly. In mammography, ionizing radiation is used to create the X-ray image which would then be used to pinpoint abnormal growths if there are any. However, mammography may not always be able to detect cysts and lumps especially if an individual has dense breasts. For solution to this, I will discuss ultrasonography next week.

As for physical breast examination, you can do it yourself at the comfort of your own home. It is ideal to buy a breast examination kit, which would most likely be comprised of a pair of gloves which would magnify the sense of touch and hence, would make feeling any hard masses easier for you.

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Examine your breasts physically regularly during baths. For complete and accurate description of what to do, consult your physician about it. You can also check instructions given out by hospitals and health centers.

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