How Mediation Works in Personal Injury Cases

How Mediation Works in Personal Injury Cases

Lawrence – A common resolution for many personal injury cases is mediation. This doesn’t mean that people with these claims don’t want to get as much compensation as possible for their injuries and suffering.

It also doesn’t mean that the victims are admitting any fault just because they’ve decided to have a neutral 3rd party to locate middle ground. Mediation is just a method for these 2 parties to work out differences and find an agreeable solution without going to court.

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Many people choose mediation because it’s less stressful than going to court. It’s rather informal and your attorney is allowed to be with you. Therefore, you’re able to feel more relaxed about the whole thing.

There are a couple of ways to hold the negotiations. One of them takes place with both attorneys and clients present. The other method is the negotiator acting as the middle man between the parties involved. The way it’s done is up to you, your attorneys and the defendants.

While it may seem to make things more complicated, it really works out rather well. Both sides must agree that the mediator is neutral to the situation. In that way, communication is fair to both sides.

A mediator typically has expert knowledge in legal theory, but that’s not always the case. The majority of the time, these mediators are retired judges or attorneys. They can provide insight into the situation that profoundly affects the outcome of the claim.

How long it takes to mediate a case depends on how complicated it is. The more complicated, the longer it takes. There are some cases that can be as short as a few hours while others can take days or even weeks. If everything all goes well where both sides can agree, the mediator makes the documentation official. A settlement is reached and the case is closed.

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Something important to keep in mind is that you can stop personal injury mediation anything you want and travel a new path. Your attorney may even suggest that you go a different way to reach a better conclusion for you. If this turns out to be the case for you, definitely listen to his advice and take his direction.

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