Four Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Four Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Lawrence – You Don’t Need a Personal Injury Lawyer – So you got into an accident and now you are badly injured. All of a sudden, you are quite popular among lawyers and solicitors, getting numerous letters and phone calls from them asking you to avail of their legal services. This is getting annoying for you.

Now the question is: should you hire a lawyer?

Here are some of the reasons why you should NOT:

1. You know better than a personal injury lawyer.

Good for you! If you have wide knowledge about the laws governing personal injury, the processes involved in filing a lawsuit, or even how insurance settlement works, then by all means, do not hire a lawyer.

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You should be well-versed and skilled on the following:

  • Dirty tricks that are used to get naïve clients to agree to an unfair settlement
  • Insurance limits
  • Filing a lawsuit yourself
  • Negotiating a settlement with the insurance company

2. You know what it takes to win a lawsuit.

If you think you are ready to deal with the lawsuit on your own, then you should not hire a lawyer. If you know the value of your injuries in your locality, if you are confident that you can find all the necessary bits of information that can prove the value of your injuries to the insurance company as well as to the court, then why hire a lawyer to provide you these details?

Moreover, you should be aware of which medical records the insurance company would require from you to help prove the extent of your injury.

3. You know how to get your message across.

Well, if you are sure you can clearly convey the seriousness of your injuries to the insurance company, then go ahead and take care of your situation on your own. Surely, you can effectively express what you feel to them, even when you get the impression that they do not really care. If you think such aloofness and indifference will not frustrate you, then of course you can handle this without a lawyer to help you.

4. You do not want to give a portion of your settlement to a lawyer.

As a rule of thumb, a lawyer gets a third of your award. Now that is a big amount, right? Why do you have to go through with this when you can be your own legal representative? Surely, you can learn everything you need to know about filing an accident claim and a lawsuit by just reading a dummy guide. If you do not have a lawyer, you get to keep all the compensation to yourself.

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There you have it- four reasons why you do not need a personal injury lawyer. The thing is, while you can always opt not to get one, a lawyer has the capacity and the means to help you achieve more positive results. They earn a living by helping people like you get the compensation you deserve- this is their profession! So, unless you can prove that you are better than a New York injury lawyer, you might want to give this much thought. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

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