Don’t Give Up on Minors

Don't Give Up on Minors
Life is a sacred gift and the most valuable thing in the world. It is extremely important to protect it and give it the respect it deserves. 

Lawrence – All lives are equally important and valuable so no one has the right to impose which lives must be protected and which should be taken away. Having said this, it is made very clear that the death penalty is a very serious and delicate issue that must be handled carefully.

Taking away the lives of adults is already a harsh act, but can you imagine imposing the death penalty on minors who still have a whole life ahead of them? Through the death penalty, we are robbing them of the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and become good individuals.

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No one has the right to take somebody else’s life and when done, the person responsible for this becomes just as bad as the criminal. The policy “a life for a life” justifies the death penalty by saying that a criminal who has committed murder must repay with his life.

Taking this same policy into account, shouldn’t the one responsible for killing the criminal also repay this with his own life?

Well, he doesn’t because he is “good”, but who are we to decide who’s good and who’s not? The death penalty is considered, in many cases, as extremely necessary. The point in question, however, is whether it should also apply for minors who are just learning to live. Killing a minor is putting an end to a being that hasn’t even flourished yet.

Minors have a chance to change. Since they haven’t reached maturity yet, it is a lot easier to save them from their unhealthy way of living through rehabilitation programs and the measures necessary.

Instead of giving up on them and judging them by saying that they are screwed up and there’s nothing that can be done, we should help them as much as possible. With the death penalty, we are simply pushing the problem aside instead of facing and dealing with it. It is a lot harder to change adult criminals because, unlike minors, they have reached maturity and have had the chance to become better individuals. Minors are usually confused but with a whole life before them to change for good.

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The death penalty for minors is a huge mistake and a terrible act. Judging individuals that haven’t even reached maturity yet is wrong. Sentencing to death minors that still have a whole life in front of them, denying them another chance to act differently, and giving up on them without trying to actually help them is the same as giving up on future generations.

Should we end lives that haven’t even started?

Can we judge others based on their mistakes? Are we working towards a better society by promoting this terrible action? If you know better than that, then you know where to stand in regards to this penalty for minors.

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