Detroit River International Crossing Information Round-Up

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Crain’s Detroit Business reporter Bill Shea has compiled a useful and informative article about the Detroit River International Crossing, a proposed new bridge between Detroit and Windsor that would be jointly owned by the United States, Canada, Michigan, and Ontario.

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The proposed bridge would be an alternative to the privately-owned Ambassador Bridge and would be located between the Southwestern Detroit neighborhood of Delray and Windsor’s Brighton Beach area.

As anyone who follows Detroit court battles knows, the Detroit International Bridge Company (“DIBC”) and its owner, Manuel “Matty” Maroun, have been involved in litigation with the City of Detroit for some time concerning DIBC’s alleged misuse of city property and failure to build a new Ambassador Bridge approach in accordance with agreed-upon plans and specifications. Unsurprisingly, Maroun is opposed to the DRIC, as are some residents on both sides of the river.

In light of the still-fragile economic recovery and recently declining traffic between the U.S. and Canada, it is by no means clear that construction of the DRIC has the same level of immediacy as it did when proposed nearly a decade ago.

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However, the alternative for the region is to perpetuate private ownership and control of the largest international crossing in the area. In a situation riddled with questions, Bill Shea’s information roundup is a good place to get some key facts.

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