Debt Collection Abuse

With a failing economy and job loss running rampant, many Americans are facing dreaded debt collectors. As it becomes harder to pay bills, debt collectors may be the only people who are making money off of the economy. Debt collection is not supposed to be scary, but there are several horror stories about debt collector harassment.

Major television networks have carried stories about debt collection abuse. The most troubling include messages left on answering machines telling a man he should, “Just kill himself” since in the debt collector’s opinion, the man was a worthless person since he could not pay his bills. If a person is unable to pay off the debt, the only way to make the harassment stop may be to hire a lawyer.

There has also been in increase of debt collector abuse in the form of fraud. There has been an increase of scams with people getting calls saying they owe on a credit card they have never even owned. It may seem simple to be able to catch this, but once you have such a large amount of debt or owe on several different things, it may be difficult to sort out what is false. Therefore, it may just so happen that an individual sends a payment for a credit card they actually don’t owe anything on.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is supposed to protect people from being harassed. There is a fine line however on what can be considered harassment, and it may be easy for debt collectors to toe the line and harass you in a way that is not covered by the law. If you feel you are being harassed by debt collectors, there are nonprofit organizations that can lend a hand in getting the calls to stop.

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