Consider Moving In Your Job Search

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Being Los Angeles born and raised, with roots deeper than the Sequoia National Park, I’m not about to go anywhere…I can’t. Well, I can, but with a young family, mortgage, personal and civic obligations, plus an aging mother (hi mom!), I’m sort of bound to Southern California for quite some time. Anyway, my dog would really miss me if I moved.

Your phone, games, and apps aren’t your only mobile resources anymore. Have you considered moving for a job?

Well, the woman who owns the company that hosts this very website just had to move to the East Coast because her husband was unemployed (sound familiar?). Jon was looking for more than 18 months in LA and simply couldn’t find a job.

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His network just couldn’t land him anywhere locally; none of his efforts panned out. Jon also has a young family with a teenager and had to sell his house in this economy. His aging relative is his mother-in-law! Now I personally know this wasn’t a guiding factor at all in the move, but I’m sure some of you might want to consider it! Okay, enough of the (attempted) humor…

They had a herculean decision to make, but Jon kept striking out. As it turned out, he had network contacts back east that started working for him; the story is quite interesting, but when push came to shove, it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. It just so happens they have some roots in the Northeast, so that helps. They also are leaving mom with good friends in LA. Still, hard stuff; the child had to make new friends. Jon is doing well, but Deborah, my web host is finding the ride a bit bumpier than expected. Her business is predominantly virtual, but she can rebind much quicker than one who is corporate like Jon or me.

Take the time to look at and review your personal lifestyle and habits. Make a list of what you like and dislike about your surroundings and what it might take for you to make a move. Los Angeles is in the top 5 worst cities in which to look for work. Not pretty. Interested in the top 5 best cities for employment? The article linked to what you just read spells out the economics.

Employment is becoming increasingly mobile these days for many. As my tagline states, if you’re having difficulty looking for a job, be proactive in creating something for yourself.

What’s your passion? If it’s what you were doing in the immediate past, I suggest a more creative way to do it. Take full advantage of what life has to offer; reach out to people–myself included– and look for ways to use your skills, experience, and expertise elsewhere.

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Do an internet search for work in your profession or industry in either another part of your state or a different state; if you have nothing to lose, you might have the world to gain.

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