Breast Cancer Could Be Diagnosed by Saliva

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Lawrence – We’ve talked about mammography and then afterwards, ultrasonography — both of which are related to breast cancer. This topic is related to the same type of cancer too. The only difference is that ultrasonography and mammography have both been associated with breast cancer for years while this is something new.

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A groundbreaking scientific research has just revealed that one can diagnose breast cancer through the saliva. In fact, it’s so effective that tests could identify breast cancer through saliva before either ultrasonography or mammography are performed and sometimes, even before tumors grow.

According to scientists, when someone has onset breast cancer, the amount of proteins in glandular secretions, such as saliva, differ from those of normal and physically fit people.

Hence, due to the nature of saliva, people are pushing to create a technology which lets dentists check the possibility of breast cancer since people would understandably go to their dentists instead of their family doctors for oral care. As such, a technology called “lab-on-a-chip” is being developed. Scientists envisage the technology to be a one-test saliva solution for breast cancer.

The reverberations of this study would be felt all throughout time. The repercussions of the findings would be reflected in the future plans for breast cancer eradication. Most usually, many women discover they have breast cancer a tad too late.

Many, even only by the time doctors deem salvation as hopeless. Of course, traditional breast cancer tests are always there, but if we could have something more accessible and more affordable, people will be given a fighting chance to combat the illness if and when they’ve been found positive.

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It will be thrilling to know what would come out of this discovery. In my mind, science has made a milestone with this new finding. Let’s hope we could put it to good use.

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