Auto Accident Personal Injury Settlement- What’s In It for You?

Auto Accident Personal Injury Settlement

Lawrence – Every year, countless auto accidents take place. In fact, the Bureau of Transportation reports that:

There is an estimated 5 million motor vehicle accidents annually. Of these accidents, 2 million people are injured, and about 20,000 are killed due to the severity of their injuries.

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In another survey, it was reported that the number of deaths is actually doubled. The report says about 40,000 people die because of auto accident which means that about 5 deaths occur every sixty seconds.

It is said that the leading cause of death for people who are under 30 is auto accident.

This is quite alarming, isn’t it?

And if that is not enough, here are more numbers:

  • 100,000 pedestrians are injured annually
  • 6,000 of them die
  • 1/3 of the US population get involved in traffic accidents that are alcohol-related
  • 800 people riding bicycles die annually

What do these numbers tell you? The answer: everyone is at risk of getting into an auto accident. Everyone- including you!

Auto accident personal injury settlements are given in order to alleviate to some extent the damage and the pain that accident victims had to go through. With the number of accidents taking place every year in the US alone, such settlements are in-demand, and insurance companies are often faced with settlement issues day in and day out.

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A personal injury attorney will provide assistance to victims who would like to claim compensation for what happened to them. If you choose a great lawyer, your rights will be well-protected, and you are guaranteed of a fair compensation.

How does it work?

First, your lawyer will file the claim to the insurance company, on your behalf. Time is of the essence so make sure you get yourself a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. Then, the facts your lawyer has provided will be verified and confirmed by a claim adjuster. The liability and the damage amount will be furnished during this phase.

If you have sustained injuries due to an auto accident, you can get an auto accident personal injury settlement. The compensation you get should be able to cover:

  1. Medical expenses
  2. Loss of wages
  3. Propertydamages

Additionally, the settlement should sufficiently recompense for the pain and suffering you had to go through because of the accident.

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