Are Criminal Public Records Free?

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Most people do not realize that criminal public records are free to obtain. A trip to the local courthouse can get you a copy, as well as several internet companies. Some internet companies will probably charge you for doing the leg work for you and for shipping, however.

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Criminal records may be obtained for several reasons. Employers often want to know the criminal background of their employees, for instance. The internet makes it increasingly easier to access such information in just a few short minutes.

Schools are avid about background checks on prospective employees, which is reassuring to know. It can be daunting to know that anyone can look up information on you.

There are often things in our past we would rather forget about- a stupid night in college, for example- and it could be disastrous if petty information fell in to the wrong hands. For the most part it is handy to have important criminal background information easily accessible, as you may want to know a little more about a babysitter you are considering hiring, for example.

Since the court system is a public system paid for by taxpayers, records and court goings-on are public information. Unless a crime was committed by a minor or the judge specifically requested the file to be sealed for some reason, every case that goes through the court is open for public viewing.

There are websites that can assist you in searching for someone in jail or who has recently been released. You can also do a sex offender search to find sex offenders in your area. You will also be privy to exactly what the offense was and when it took place.

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Basic searches can also turn up fugitives, the most wanted list, the FBI’s most wanted list, and other types of criminal record searches.

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