10 Personal Injury Claim Myths Debunked!

10 Personal Injury Claim Myths Debunked!

Lawrence University.org – In personal injury claims, there are certain myths that need to be taken out in the open. You should be aware that these are just myths; such awareness will ultimately help you when filing a claim.

Myth #1 Insurance companies always give fair settlements

So you think you can just negotiate with insurance companies and you do not really need a solicitor or a lawyer? WRONG. Insurance companies will always seek every possible way to give you as little money as possible because they profit more that way.

Myth #2 Lawyers and solicitors want to take as much money as they can from you.

While we cannot discount the fact that there are legal representatives who do so, majority of lawyers and solicitors are very professional and fair. There are stories about lawyers charging all sorts of fees but this should not be the general idea. Lawyers and solicitors are closely monitored by organizations and groups to ensure that they remain just and fair in their dealings. In fact, no-win, no-fee arrangements are available.

Myth #3 Claiming compensation is a waste of time and very complicated.

Not true at all. Usually, claims for soft tissue injuries take around 8-12 months. This may take longer if there are liability issues or when the injury is more severe.

While there are no shortcuts to filing claims, your personal injury lawyer or solicitor will assist you from the very start. You will need to complete some paperwork; but thereafter, your legal representative will take care of things.

Myth #4 To get a settlement, you need to take matters to court.

There are two ways to get compensation and these are: going to court and out-of-court settlements. You do not need to go to court just so you could get compensated. While insurance companies will try to negotiate, they understand that taking matters to the court is time consuming and very expensive. If you have a great lawyer or solicitor to help you, you could get a sufficient compensation within a year.

Myth #5 The big guys always win.

False. The law takes care of any individual. Do not be intimidated with the big companies and employers because you have the law to back you up, if you have been wronged. In essence, the law protects everyone, every organization, every company as long as they abide by the laws and keep doing the right thing.

Myth #6 You have to wait years to get your compensation.

As mentioned, it takes about a year or less to get compensation. Just make sure you have a good legal adviser and iron out liability issues, if any.

Myth #7 There is a compensation culture boom.

False advertisements are to blame here. We have been led to believe that people nowadays would do anything just to get compensation. However, studies show that claim volumes are still the same, and there is no such thing as a compensation culture.

Myth #8 Getting compensation is easy.

No, it isn’t. Only those people who genuinely deserve compensation will get it. Insurance companies are not cash cows and you should know that you will only receive money that is due you. This should sufficiently cover for medical expenses, loss of wage, and reparation for physical and psychological damages.

Myth #9 You could get fired if you file a claim against your employer.

People fear of filing a claim against their employer because it might cost them their job. You should not. Even if they threaten you, remember that the law protects everyone, particularly those who have been employed in the company for at least a year.

Myth #10 When making a claim, you cannot receive treatment

This is not true at all! Insurance companies today are now even more willing to support the victims in terms of medical treatment and rehabilitation. As soon as liability has been established and properly assessed, insurers would be more than ready to offer treatment assistance to you.

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